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What Is Included In a Set of Best Fireplace Tools?

What Is Included In a Set of Best Fireplace Tools?

It is comforting to think of a blazing fire in the hearth that spreads warmth and cheer on a bitterly, cold winter day. True, this system had been more prevalent in the yesteryears but you cannot entirely rule out the necessity today. You would have to consider installing the right fireplace and arranging for kindling and/or firewood that must be burned to warm up the room. However, you do not have to handle the fire with your hands. Instead, make sure to source the best fireplace tools that will make your task of tending the fire easier.

Keeping the fire under control so that you get to benefit from the properties of a blazing fire burning merrily in the hearth may be the primary purpose behind investing in a set of fireplace tools. However, you can enhance the aesthetics of your home by opting for beautifully crafted and ornate tools too.

You may check out physical stores as well as online resources when you desire to buy the best possible fireplace tools. It is indeed astounding to find some sets contain 4 different tools whereas others happen to be sets of 5. Well, all tools are essential but choosing the right equipment depends on your specific requirement. Do not shop for fireplace tools blindly either. Learn about the function of each and make an informed decision when you want to use the fireplace to the fullest.

The basic tools that you would have to keep handy include:-

  • Tongs– You cannot have the burning logs on one side of the hearth. However, putting your hand inside to rearrange them will be harmful to you. Avoid burning your fingers by using a long-handled fireplace tong to remove the burning logs and place them perfectly.
  • Shovel– A burning fire leaves plenty of ash behind. You may find it essential to remove some of the ash from the hearth to ensure proper burning of the logs in the fireplace. The equipment that will help you do it is a shovel that is designed for use inside a fireplace. You will have the fire burning merrily once the excess ash is removed. You may also display the shovel on one side of the fireplace to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  • Poker– This is a must-have tool that you may feel compelled to buy at the earliest. It is a sturdy tool that is used for pushing the burning logs aside thereby allowing oxygen to reach the fire and feed it. You may use it to reduce the fire or build up one as per your requirement.
  • Brush/Broom– You need to keep the ashes away once the fire dies down. Cleaning the hearth meticulously is not a chore when you have the right type of brush or a small broom handy. Make sure to sweep away the accumulated ash and remove the debris from within the fireplace.

The best fireplace tools may be bought singly or as a set. Fireplace tool sets include a beautiful holder to store the tools neatly.