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What Is A Sex Doll?


Love dolls are given the following characteristics.

Attention to detail makes it look like a real person, along with built-in simulation of good sex like mouth, vagina, and anus.

The love doll or life-size doll is mainly for masturbation as well as communication. Men usually use it for sex and pleasure instead of the real woman.

The most advanced sex dolls come with extra features, including smart voice conversations, voice playback, vibrations to enhance sex, skin temperature, and more.

Sex dolls are mainly called silica gel dolls or TPE dolls, the textures of which can be confused with real people.

Real sex dolls can be divided into several categories.

 Inflatable dolls

The inflatable love doll/sex doll is the cheapest among sex doll. As the name suggests, an inflatable or inflatable doll is like a balloon that can only be used after it is filled with air. And he takes the form of a real person after he has to be filled with air, but in detail, he is very different from a real person.

Unlike other dolls, the inflatable love doll weighs about the same as a dress, is comfortable and easy to handle, easy to hide, and the vagina stays on the right side too. Inflatable dolls will be in good condition if they are purchased in good quality and the lower body is kept safe.

Inflatable/inflatable dolls can be easily damaged/punctured if not handled with care, and this requires you to buy good-quality dolls. This does not mean that it has to be so expensive. A few tens of dollars would be enough to provide a high-quality inflatable love doll.

The inflatable doll can be divided into three categories.

  • Fully inflatable dolls: Includes head, torso and limbs that require air support.
  • Semi-solid inflatable doll: includes head and arm, while other parts need air support.

Composite inflatable doll

The material used to make the outer shell of this doll is expensive due to the thick material it is made of, and the production cost is much higher than that of an inflatable doll.

The raincoat material is used to make inflatable love dolls, which are inexpensive to make, only a few dollars, which is cheaper than thick-skinned inflatable dolls.

It has these characters.

  • The volume/size is slightly larger than a basketball and is always straight when inflated. Their limbs can move at different angles.
  • The head is made of hard make-up, which is sometimes difficult and not easy to break and leak.

 TPE or silicon for making love dolls

Silica gel dolls have a better shape and curve than TPE.

TPE dolls are known to be softer than silica gel dolls.

Silica gel dolls have a much more delicate face that needs to be well cared for and is slightly lighter than TPE love dolls.

If you want to know more about their differences, you can get a full understanding of Everything You Need to Know about TPE Sex Dolls.


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