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What Documents Can I Apostille In The US?

What Documents Can I Apostille In The US?
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How do I get an apostille on a US document? How do I process the American Apostille?

If you have your original document and currently live with us outside of the United States, you can process the American apostille. You can send your documents directly to our offices in the United States or to our offices in Mexico. Your US documents will be apostille directly in the state where they were issued.

I am processing my work visa and they are requesting a non-criminal letter from Mexico. How do I edit it? I arrange my residency and they ask me for a registration data record what is a registration data record? How to process a criminal record letter from Mexico? What requirements do you ask for a record of registration data in Mexico?

If you have lived in Mexico and are currently residing in another country and are processing your work visa or residency, you will be asked for a record of your criminal history from Mexico. The official name of this document is Proof of Registration Data, is a document that is federal and issued to individuals to verify that registration data was derived from preliminary investigations common or federal, this is the document you use for your visa process work Must submit, Redidencia or citizenship in another country.

In order to process your registration data, the following is required:

You must contact the Mexican consulate in the country where you live and request:

Letter application for certificate of registration data, as a result of this application, the consulate will entregr a craft stamped and signed, it will take your fingerprints, so that along with the craft will provide a format with your fingerprints, This format will go-from the embassy or Stamped by the Consulate of Mexico. In some cases you will be fingerprinted directly at the consulate, in other cases you will be asked to go to the local police station to be fingerprinted. These types of procedures are already known in the consulate, so all you have to do is request the application and they will guide you to comply with all this.

Power of Attorney in a simple format authorizing a representative of yours to request the recording of registration data in Mexico on your behalf. What the consulate will provide you with is a letter to the PGR (Attorney General of the Republic) with instructions to proceed with recording the registration details so that this office you must send it to Mexico, for this you will need a power of attorney so that you can give him the necessary Can grant powers for an agent to do so in Mexico.


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