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What Colour floor is best for a small bathroom?


Would you like to know about bathroom renovations in Melbourne? What colour is your bathroom? While light colours in general work well in a small bathroom, the colour of your flooring can also make a difference to how comfortably you and your guests will stay. Learn more about what shades are best for a small bathroom with this blog article!

What is the Goal of Colour Flooring?

The goal of any colour flooring for a small bathroom is to create a high-traffic area that looks neat and organized. Paint, tiles or linoleum are all great options for small bathrooms, since they can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Other possible goals of colour flooring in a small bathroom include adding character and personality to the space, adding depth and interest to the walls and creating focal points that draw attention.

Three Factors That Influence the Effectiveness of Different Colors

There are three factors that influence the effectiveness of different colors when it comes to small bathroom design: lightness, brightness, and saturation.

When choosing a color for your small bathroom, consider whether the color will be light or heavy. Light colors tend to make a room feel open and airy, while heavier colors can create a sense of warmth and comfort. Brightness plays an important role in determining how well a color will work in a small bathroom; darker colors can become oppressive quickly, while brighter hues tend to be more visually stimulating. To ensure that your chosen color is effective in a small space, choose one with high saturation levels- this will give the room lots of depth and character.

Feature: Pine, Mint and a Peacock: Which colour floor is best for small bathrooms?

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for a small bathroom, many homeowners think about the space’s limited dimensions first and opt for something like porcelain tiles or wood. But according to experts at The Floor Store London, other factors to consider when making a floor selection for a small bathroom include the color of the room’s decor and the color of the bathtub or shower.

“In general, blue or green are great colors for small bathrooms as they complement most decor styles,” says Helen Sharp, collections manager at The Floor Store London. “But if your bathroom is in need of a pop of color, then choose something like mint instead.”

While mint can be quite overwhelming in a large bathroom, it works quite nicely in a smaller setting because it doesn’t take up nearly as much space as other more vibrant colors might. Plus, it can always be paired with other neutrals like beige or white to create an aesthetically pleasing whole.

So if you’re looking for a stylish and practical flooring choice for your small bathroom – one that won’t overwhelm or clash with your existing décor – then go with mint!

Understanding the Different Shades Available

There are a range of flooring options that you can choose from to outfit your small bathroom. From wood in a natural finish to vinyl in an array of colors, there is something for everyone to choose from.

When choosing the right flooring for your small bathroom, it is important to consider your specific needs. Consider whether you want afloor that will show dirt and debris easily or one that is more resistant to such elements. Additionally, think about how often you will be using the bathroom and what type of guests will be visiting it. If you live in a rental property, make sure to ask the landlord about the flooring options available before making a decision.

Bathroom floors come in many different shades and styles, so it’s important to find one that works well with the décor of your home and your personal style. Whichever flooring option you choose for your small bathroom, be sure to clean it regularly to keep it looking its best.


Depending on the style of your bathroom and the flooring you have chosen, there are a lot of different colours that would be good choices. For example, if you have tile floors and light walls, then blue or green might work well. If you want something darker to match the cabinets and other furnishing in your bathroom, then maybe brown or black would be a better choice. Ultimately, it’s important to test out different colours to see which ones look best in your bathroom before deciding on a final colour.


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