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Home Home Improvement What are the four main categories of carpet cleaning methods?

What are the four main categories of carpet cleaning methods?

What are the four main categories of carpet cleaning methods?

Carpet cleaning methods are divided into four main categories namely house cleaning, dry cleaning, wet cleaning and steam cleaning. The following article provides detailed information to help you get the most out of these three methods. Carpets have been a part of our lives for centuries. Over time, the importance of carpet cleaning has been realized and many methods have been developed to keep carpets in good condition. The following discussion discusses four types of cleaning methods that home and commercial carpet users should be aware of.

Home Carpet Cleaner

Before industrial procedures and standards existed, carpet users used a variety of techniques to remove substances that affected the quality and life of their material: Useful stain removal techniques are popular among carpet users, and most of them can still be used to achieve beneficial results. For example, tea leaves, lemons and limes are useful for removing various types of stains. Traditional methods of shaking and hanging are still used to remove dust, dirt and pollen from carpets. Carpet sticks, whips, brushes and brooms are still used to remove various types of dirt from carpets. Finally, there are many vacuum cleaners that can help clean household carpets.

Carpet chemical cleaning

Dry carpet Rengøringsfirma is based on low moisture techniques and uses special machines and products: Use a dry absorbent powder or compound for chemical cleaning. When the dust is spread on the carpet, it attracts various particles which are removed by special machines. Better packing method than dry cleaning. In this process, the soil particles are converted into dry manure, which is immediately removed, so the carpet is ready for immediate use.

Wet carpet cleaner

Two common methods of wet cleaning are: Carpet cleaning uses a rotating brush and a detergent specially designed to remove dirt and grime from carpets. However, this method cannot be used on certain types of carpets, such as broken carpets, due to damage to the fibers. Using a spin shampoo is a helpful technique for getting clean carpets, but leaves it to the professionals.

Steam carpet cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is the most common and recommended method today. Use warm water and a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean the carpet.


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