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The  Most Peaceful Places To Go In Florida When You Need A Break From It All

The  Most Peaceful Places To Go In Florida When You Need A Break From It All

Life can be hard sometimes, Floridians. This is why having a landing zone is highly recommended. For others, it might be their bed with a big plate of food and a new movie on the screen. But for others, it may involve walking to a quiet places in florida place for an afternoon rest. If you lean more towards the latter, then we have a few more peaceful places in Florida that will give you a welcome break from it all. Have a look…

Bowman Beach – Sanibel Island, Florida

Not only is Sanibel Island voted one of the most beautiful places in Florida, but Bowman’s Beach is truly a joy to behold. This laid-back beach is full of natural beauty, from pristine beaches to sunsets that are as close to paradise as you can get. Spend a day relaxing with the Gulf on this stunning beach.

Harry P. Leu Gardens – Orlando, Florida

Harry P. Leu Gardens is over 50 acres of vibrant garden space featuring 40 different collections. From a tropical rainforest to Florida’s largest garden, you’ll have the best of nature at your disposal in one stunning location.

Captiva Island, Florida

Located off the Gulf Coast, Captiva Island is the perfect place to get away for a weekend and enjoy some relaxation. From lounging on powdery sand beaches to sailing in turquoise waters, you will find solitude in nature as you explore this fascinating part of Florida.

Mount Dora, Florida

Sometimes all you need for a relaxing weekend is a trip to a new place. Mount Dora is a charming little town known for having tons of activities and antique shops. If finding peace means taking a break from life walking the main street of a small town, visiting mom-and-pop shops and window shop, then the historic town is for you.

Blue Springs State Park, Florida

Blue Springs State Park is a peaceful paradise in Central Florida. In fact, the park is so peaceful, manatees flock here every winter to hibernate in the warm waters. During these months you can take trips to the park and really see these gentle giants up close.

Salt Therapy Grotto – Naples, FL

In Naples, Florida, there is a one-of-a-kind salt room that allows you to take a break from the world for an hour or two. Salt therapy, also called halotherapy, uses dry salt inhalation to promote respiratory health and healing function. The Salt Therapy Grotto even has a kids cave and infrared sauna, too!

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa – Manalapan, Florida

What better way to find tranquility than in the lap of luxury? At the Eau Palm Beach Resort in Manalapan, you will have a five-star resort at your disposal, which includes a private beach, an award-winning spa, and a variety of restaurants. It’s an escape within an escape at this luxury resort. You might not want to go.


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