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The Different Types of Interactive Videos and Why You Should Use Them

The Different Types of Interactive Videos and Why You Should Use Them
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What do people mean when they say interactive videos? What are the different types of interactive videos, and what makes them so great? Read on to learn more about this innovative form of online video content and why it should be used in your next project!

What are interactive videos?

Interactive videos are a fun way to connect with your audience in an innovative and engaging way. They are made up of still images, text, or video that is mixed with various kinds of interactive elements like clickable links, quizzes, polls, timers etc. Interactive videos can be used for both promotional purposes as well as educational purposes. Cinema8 is a great interactive video tool that will allow you to create these amazing videos without any coding or design experience! With Cinema8’s easy-to-use interface anyone can create an interactive video in minutes! All you have to do is upload your images or videos, add your desired interactive elements such as quizzes or timer buttons and then publish the video directly to Facebook or YouTube.

DIY videos

Cinema8 is a simple way to create videos that tell your story without the need for a video crew, expensive equipment or advanced editing skills. Creating interactive Cinema8 videos can be done with just one person, using a smart phone.

Start by filming the video as you normally would. Once you’re finished with filming, open up Cinema8 in your phone’s camera app. Using your fingers or the touchpad, pull out any frame from the video and place it in the center of the frame on your phone. From there, add text, arrows or other elements to illustrate what is going on in that frame and share it with friends or family! This process can also be used for more formal presentations like interviews or keynotes.

Explainers, how-to videos and explainer videos

Explainers are the most common type of interactive video. They have a host who will talk to viewers about a topic. The host can walk through an idea step-by-step, or they can simply explain what’s going on in the video.

How-to videos are another type of interactive video that show viewers how to do something. In this case, the viewer is shown what to do on screen by following the host’s instructions.

Lastly, you may want to consider using an explainer video for your business needs. These videos are usually humorous and give viewers information about your company in a quick, easy way.

Informational videos

An informative video is a great way to provide useful information to your viewers. This type of video can be created by using animations, graphics, or sounds to illustrate the content. The viewer will follow along as you present your point in the best possible way. It’s a great educational tool for schools and businesses alike. There are several different types of interactive videos that one can create depending on the project’s needs.

For example:

 Quiz: Create an interactive quiz with a variety of questions about topics such as current events, geography, literature, science and history to make learning fun! People enjoy competing with their friends for who knows more about certain topics

Guided tours: Let your visitors explore places around the world from their own computer screens with interactive videos that show them where they want to go. Keep people engaged while they learn!

Documentaries: Make documentaries engaging by including elements like soundtracks and motion graphics to show what it feels like being there first-hand without even having to leave home. Informative videos are important because they help people learn new things without feeling bored

Entertainment videos

Interactive videos have become increasingly popular over the last few years as people are able to engage more with the content. It’s important that you know what your goals are when creating interactive videos so that you can come up with a strategy for success.

If you’re looking for an entertainment-focused video, then have some fun with it! Make sure to include things like quizzes, polls, or interactive games. This will give viewers the opportunity to interact with your brand in a way that they haven’t been able to before.

If you’re looking for a video geared towards marketing purposes, then keep in mind that the goal is engagement – not just getting people to watch your video.

How do they work?

An Interactive video is a type of content where viewers can click on an item within the video to discover more information or take some sort of action. For example, a viewer may click on an image in an ad to learn more about a product.

Interactive videos are seen by marketers as highly effective at increasing brand awareness and building loyalty because they make it easy for potential customers to find the information they need without having to go through the trouble themselves. They also have the power to generate buzz around your products or services before you’ve even created them-a critical benefit for start-ups who don’t have an established customer base yet.


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