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The composite fence buying guide

The composite fence buying guide

Do you want to fence your garden and have decided to opt for a composite fence? Let’s find out together how to choose the right plastic composite fencing with our buying guide!

What are the advantages of composite wood?

There are many advantages to opting for composite wood for your fence. Here are its main advantages:

It is rot-proof, which means that it is insensitive to external attacks such as humidity and insects. It does not deteriorate over time, it does not change color and does not deform.

It has a very high resistance to UV rays and does not fade over time unlike PVC or natural wood.

It is produced responsibly. Indeed, 95% of the materials used come from recycling: sawdust and recycled plastic material (not virgin).

A composite fence does not require any special maintenance. A simple annual rinsing with clear water is enough to maintain the fence in its initial state.

Thus, opting for a compositefence is ideal for people looking for a durable solution that requires no maintenance, even over the long term. This type of installation is not only made to last a long time, but its appearance does not change over the years.

Take the price into account to be able to establish a budget!

You will be able to find large price differences in terms of composite wood knowing that large quality differences can exist between the different blades. Thus, when you go to buy your fence, you will be able to see great disparities in the price level in the different quotes that you will be able to establish.

Composite wood manufacturing processes have greatly evolved, particularly with the co-extrusion process. Today we are talking about second-generation composite wood. This type of composite wood is much more efficient and durable. For a guarantee of quality, check the manufacturers’ guarantees and opt for blades with a minimum guarantee of 15 years. Be aware that some composite blade suppliers can guarantee them for up to 30 years!

Expressed in linear meter, the composite wood fence is generally between 120€ and 250€ with all the elements.

Of course, if you do not wish to install your composite fence yourself, this will also increase your final budget. The price of the installation can represent 30 to 40% of the budget depending on the type of soil you have. You will therefore have to calculate your budget in relation to these elements.

What are the main types of composite fences?

To choose a composite fence, it is possible to find them in different styles and to mix the materials. You just need to choose from the following:

The fence with perforated profiles: it is certainly one of the trends of this year. Having a small opening in your fence really gives it charm. Decorations are available to break up the linear side of the fence and bring a bit of fantasy.

The mixed fence: it is a mix between the standard side of the fence and the aesthetic side of the latter. It is possible to mix several colors of slats as well as decorations which can replace slats on the height or even make the connection between two fence panels.

Thus, the composite fence is completely customizable. For example, you can compose half of the height of the fence with one blade color and mix this part with a second color on the other half.

How to maintain a composite fence?

When you decide to put up a fence, you have to know how to maintain it. We are going to give you some tips so that you can have a perfect composite wood fence:

It is enough to clean the latter with clear water, see with soapy water once a year. You can repeat this several times if you live in an area where dust is often present.

Maintenance at the end of winter is ideal.

A composite wood fence therefore has the advantages of wood, without having the disadvantages. You will have no trouble maintaining your fence since it can be washed with a single jet of water.

In conclusion, take the time to determine which plastic composite fencing you want. Indeed, you must think about your budget, but also about the aesthetics of the latter. Be aware that a composite fence is a long-term investment when you know the lifespan of this type of installation.

Also note that you can ask it yourself if you want to lower the price of the closing vote estimate. It’s not the most complicated thing to install, quite the contrary!


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