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The best funeral songs

The best funeral songs

Music can be a great addition to a funeral or memorial service and can play an important role in worship. Usually, you can add music anywhere in the funeral program, and there are many music options.

You can play funeral songs with a soloist, instrumentalist or even a music CD. You may want to choose funeral songs that are favorites of the deceased. Funeral songs can be in a variety of music styles, such as classical, religious, blues, jazz, folk, rock and country. So depending on the taste in music that the deceased liked, you can add funeral music from any of these genres.

The advantage of CD burning is that you can select

 and use the exact theme you want to project. Many songs have been recorded in different styles and by different artists translating music into their own style. For example, “Amazing Grace” can be found in almost every style from opera to bagpipe versions.

There are appropriate mourning songs for every style of music. Here is an example of one of the best funeral songs for religious and non -religious songs in each genre:

Traditional Anthem – “Wonderful Grace”

 Probably the most played song at funerals and commemorations. It is played on all styles of music and on all instruments.

  • “Crying in the Chapel” popularized Elvis Presley’s version
  • In the musical “Climb Her Mountain”, some pop artists also sang “From the Sound of Music”.
  • “Come Sunday” was also written by Duke Ellington and performed by many blues artists.
  • “Stay in Me” is a classic anthem performed by many religious performers.

The Gospel – The field of evangelical music is mostly African American. The best gospel artist was the missing pastor James Cleveland, considered the father of gospel music.

Funeral or memorial service music can be comforting and soothing to the bereaved. It can also evoke feelings and emotions through lyrics and melodies. The funeral service usually has a selection of music at the beginning, middle and end of the service. If the grave has a meeting, the song may be sung during the ceremony.

You can also choose to play music or accompany participants to pagalworld song. If you want to participate, it’s a good idea to add lyrics to the funeral program for those who don’t know the words.


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