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 Teach responsibility and respect: Regular exercise training prepares you to live each day with enthusiasm. During the fight, decisions will be made and the consequences must also be considered, which affect all friends. Responsibility and respect are linked to friendship, commitment, fun and effort.

Helps overcome shyness and develop social skills: exercise offers the opportunity to develop social skills that will benefit both men and women throughout their lives. It also teaches about leadership, team cohesion and communication skills.

Develop teamwork: to succeed you must work as a team. Sports training teaches us to work together, knowing that our efforts are important, but what is added to others is more important.

Helps reduce stress and improve school performance: Children who regularly participate in certain sports have a greater ability to concentrate, which improves school performance. In addition, it helps fight depression or anxiety and improves mood.

Building self-confidence: Taking on challenges makes children feel safe and able to handle new situations. He gains self-confidence when he is recognized for good deeds, which increases self-confidence.

The value of effort: the sport of effort motivation. More effort has positive results, medium and long term training prepares you to achieve your goals.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle: 스포츠중계 Free time prevents too much time being spent on other inactive and passive options.

Aid in Action for sports rights when you are young

Sport is a right for children. The United Nations celebrates the importance of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, which is celebrated on April 6 every year. The 2030 agenda also shows the contribution of sport to sustainable development.

In this context, Audi and Action promote equal access to sports training for all men and women. That is why, together with Real Madrid, he launched projects such as social gyms in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Through healthy lifestyle workshops in schools in Zaragoza and Madrid, together with the DKV Health Institute, it promotes the development of healthy eating habits and physical activity.

Exercise creates feelings and emotions,

 It is beneficial to people’s health and, more importantly, it can influence attitudes and behavior through the values ​​it conveys.

1. Far from the idea that physical activity in general is a recommended practice, so it should be followed as a way of life along with other sources of normal behavior.

2. Help, especially children, to solve the daily conflict between competition and teamwork, teach them to respect others and the rules that determine the game and its fun.

3. Try to create an environment of tolerance, in the classroom or gymnasium, that helps to understand the concept of gender equality.

4. Strive to be creative in offering cooperative activities rather than competitive activities, without losing battle to achieve goals.

5. Take advantage of occasional classes that help students and athletes explain the latest and most important sporting events.


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