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Home Tech Shareable Content with Active Participation Is Necessary To Reach Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Shareable Content with Active Participation Is Necessary To Reach Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Shareable Content with Active Participation Is Necessary To Reach Your Social Media Marketing Goals

A majority of marketers today consider social media as one of the most powerful tools to improve brand reputation. In the Exact Target Marketing Cloud 2014 State of Marketing Study of that covered more than 2,660 middle to senior managers from various industries, approximately 66% of marketers admitted that social networking sites indirectly affect their business performance. The importance of personalized ranking results, the re-authored results that show up more prominently in Google search, and #searches that include G+ hash tags queries as part of a Google search imply that social signals can impact SERP rankings quite significantly. Although social signals are evolving as a crucial factor when it comes to achieving their online marketing goals, businesses are still confused as to whether success with social media optimization is determined by shareable content or active participation in Social Media Marketing Perth.

Improving Social Signals Quality Content

Matt Cuts emphasized that if you develop compelling and high-quality content, people will naturally link to it, like or share it on Facebook or +1 it. Quality content would definitely generate a lot of social signals in the form of likes, shares, +1s, tweets and more. Discussions on Cre8siteForums about clients who don’t want to use social media say that marketers who are not interested, confused, busy or unable to participate in social media simply need to create good content that will be shared on social networks. This, it is pointed out, will drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more without you engaging in the day-to-day activities on these sites. Marketers can post quality articles on their websites and add social buttons to them so visitors can share the posts they like on their social network:

It is very important to post high-quality content regularly on social media.

 Entrepreneurs who hate social networking sites, but still want to drive social signals in this way, can rely on tools that can automatically share blog posts with these sites. Here’s a look at some of these tools:

Twitterfeed – After you sign up for Twitterfeed and select your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, the tool uses the RSS feed your blogs to check for new posts. When a new post is found, it will share that post to all selected profiles automatically. You can choose to share the title or description or both and use keywords to automatically add or select posts that contain specific keywords.

HootSuite – This tool not only posts blog content automatically, but also allows you to schedule updates, monitor mentions and conversions, create search feeds and track your activity across various social profiles. Because this tool supports LinkedIn company pages and Google+ Pages (not Google+ personal profiles), you can share posts across more networks than with Twitterfeed. Although the content cannot be customized for individual posts, you can set different settings for each social network.

SNAP Pro – SNAP Pro supports a wider array of social networks than the tools mentioned above, including Stumble Upon, Delicious and Pinterest, although it would take more time to set up. The paid version allows you to set up automatic posting to an unlimited number of social profiles including Google+ personal profiles and LinkedIn company pages. Compared to other tools, SNAP allows complete customization of your posts.

Why Is Active Participation Important To A Winning Social Optimization Strategy?

While there are several ways to share high-quality content through social media profiles and drive social signals without being socially active, industry experts say it’s imperative to stay active on social media if you really want these signals to work for your search engine optimization efforts. Here are some of the reasons why active social participation is important for your SEO:

Direct Interaction with Customers – You need to interact directly with your audience on social sites to attract and retain interest in your products or services. Suppose you sell ceramic materials and your interesting article about your latest ceramic cookware spreads through social networks. Even though people like your article and share it in their social circle, they may want to ask you about it – like whether it is eco-friendly, how to take care of the battery, etc. You can only answer their questions if you interact with them online or else potential customers would think they are not important to you and even take it as bad customer service. They would even think that your product is not authentic. Being socially active allows you to provide timely and appropriate answers to every customer question, which in turn builds a positive image.


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