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Sanding The Floor – Experiences And Recommendations

Sanding The Floor – Experiences And Recommendations
Polishing the old oak parquet floor in the living room

If you need to have sanded a floor, experience and recommendations are important, because you should preferably choose the right flooring company in the first attempt. But, where do you find these experiences and recommendations? We give you some inspiration.

Not everyone has the skills to perform a Gulvafslibning them. Therefore, most people choose to contact a professional flooring company due to the benefits that come with it.

If you do not know which company to choose, it is a good idea to get experience and recommendations from others who have been in the same situation as yourself. It’s obvious to ask people you know for advice. But there are also other options for gaining experience and recommendations for who should be in charge of sanding your floor.

Ask acquaintances or your network about experiences

The classic solution is to ask friends and family for advice. Most people you know have had some experience with a flooring company – maybe they have had their floors, stairs or patio sanded, or they know someone who has.

You can also make use of your acquaintances’ networks. When you ask people on Facebook or other social media about experiences and recommendations related to sanding floors, there can often be help to get from your friends’ friends or family members.

Check reviews on Trust pilot

Websites that gather recommendations from customers and create an overview of companies have become more and more popular. In Denmark, we especially know the notification platform Trust pilot.

Trust pilot collects recommendations on flooring companies and many other companies, which you can greatly enjoy reading. A lot of positive customer reviews and a high satisfaction score is a sign that the flooring company is credible and delivers good results.

Trust pilot is therefore a good place to start if you need to have your floor sanded and want experience and recommendations from people you do not necessarily know.

Read recommendations on the flooring companies’ websites

As with Trust pilot, you can sometimes read experiences and recommendations on the flooring companies’ websites or even cases with completed tasks.

As on the review pages in the style of Trust pilot, you can also see the total number of recommendations and customer reviews on your flooring company’s website. And the more positive reviews there are, the greater the guarantee of good workmanship.

Contact your flooring company

When you want experience and recommendations on sanding floors, it is one thing to ask others for advice or read reviews – something else is to make direct contact with a possible flooring company. Call the potential flooring company and talk to them. It can give you a good idea of ​​their experience, expertise and level of service.

At Gulvkbh, we have more than 10 years of experience with sanding floors and a lot of positive recommendations from customers from all over the country. So you can safely choose us if you need professional help.


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