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Property Plan For The Building Application / Official Site Plan

Property Plan For The Building Application / Official Site Plan
Three Multi-Ethnic construction workers in uniform standing at construction site with crane in background, discussing building plans while holding blueprint at sunset under the tower crane.

The property plan for the building application (according to Annex 2 No. 2, building template decree BVerl.) is an essential part of the building templates in accordance with Section 69 of the Hessian Building Code (HBO) and the Hessian Test Authorization and Test Expert Ordinance (HPPVO). It usually contains position and height information and is essential for the proper, safe planning and implementation of construction projects. Depending on the federal state, it is also referred to as the official site plan.

What does a property plan for the building application contain?

The property plan is based on the data from the property cadastre and can be supplemented by height and inventory measurements as required. A site comparison is used to check and certify that the property map is up-to-date. It is usually made to a scale of 1:500 and must be added to the planning application in order to obtain planning permission.

The positioning of a building within a property is determined in the property plan and, in addition to the property to be built on, also shows all neighboring properties. A Site plan contains a lot of important information that is important for the assessment of the building project. It is supplemented by the list of owners. This is to ensure that the development does not disadvantage the neighbors, such as non-compliance with the minimum distances or worsening of the lighting conditions.

Who creates a property plan or official site plan?

It makes sense for architects and builders to work with a surveying expert in accordance with the HPPVO right from the start. As a result, errors in planning and the associated costs and time can be avoided. For the creation of a property plan / official site plan, it is necessary to precisely record street heights, sewer shafts and ridge and eave heights in order to create a realistic picture of the environment (neighborhood). However, the main component of the survey relates to the property to be built on. Terrain heights, trees (tree protection statute), structures and enclosures must be measured precisely. The elevation and inventory is the basis for the planning of new buildings and extensions.

What are the components of a property plan / official site plan?

The property plan for the building application or the official site plan is subject to provisions that determine which components are required. These include:

  • the title page
  • the register of owners

Other components of the property plan are:

  • Project entry (measured entry of the construction project in the site plan with exact positioning on the property)
  • Clearance Area Calculation
  • GRZ, GFZ calculation (number of floor areas and number of floors)
  • Property plan, site plan, official site plan
  • Property plan for the building application in Hesse

When the planning is complete, the construction project can be entered into the site plan basis and dimensioned. This ensures that the position of the building on the property is precisely determined. This means that the minimum requirements for the property plan in Hesse are met, in other federal states outdoor facilities and drainage are still shown.


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