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Playground Safety for Kids

Playground Safety for Kids
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Our children are precious to us and as parents or guardians we must always do everything we can to protect our children. Few people consider playgrounds to be potentially dangerous, but more than 200,000 children are injured in playground accidents every year. 70% of injuries are caused by children falling from the playset to the floor. Not all playgrounds are as safe as they should be, and surface playgrounds are often one of the main reasons. Good play mats and play tiles can significantly reduce these fall injuries.

Why is the safety aspect of the playground important?

 Some equipment can be used in the 6 to 10 foot range and everyone knows how much kids love to climb. Many head and limb injuries can occur if a child falls from these heights. The height is actually called the critical drop height. IPEMA, the International Playset Manufacturers Association, sets the standard for playset surface thickness by analyzing the critical drop height.

The critical drop height on the surface of the 꽁머니  depends on the height of the highest equipment a child can stand on. This height determines the thickness, or impact damping, that the playing field must have, as described in ASTM F1292.

Sand is not the recommended substrate for a number of reasons.

One is to easily remove the sand that the kids need there. If it gets wet and clogged, it will be hard to fall off. Sand can also get into children’s eyes and cause irritation. Wood filler or mulch is often used, but this method requires constant maintenance to keep the mulch in the playground and scrapes to avoid low spots. At low spots, the safety cushions of the mulch are significantly reduced. Rubber mulch and pellets are slightly better, but they need regular maintenance to avoid dangerous low or bare spots.

The safest materials recommended for playground safety today are rubber play mats and tiles

. You can get rubber mats and tiles in thicknesses from 1″ to 4 1/4″. Depending on the highest height on the playing field, you need the mat or the thickness of the tile. Not only do these mats and tiles look great, but most importantly they can significantly reduce the number of injuries from falls on the playground and protect precious children. So take the time to consider using rubber mats and tiles today to meet the safety needs of your playground. Whether your playground is in a school, church, daycare, park or your own backyard, it’s a good idea to have rubber play mats and tiles suitable for cushioning.


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