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MBC2030: The Future of Entertainment and Enjoyment


MBC2030 (or Media Broadcasting Corporation 2030) is the latest creation of Korea’s largest media company, CJ E&M, and was created to be an interactive TV platform that not only allows viewers to view their favorite dramas, films, and variety shows in high definition but also allows them to participate in the content they watch. As an integrated entertainment center that provides better and more innovative ways of viewing content while allowing participants to become part of the entertainment experience itself, MBC2030 has taken its place as the future of entertainment and enjoyment in Korea and around the world.

Video Games

What if video games were so entertaining that people didn’t have time to watch other entertainment? That’s exactly what MBC2030 hopes to achieve. MBC, or massively brain-controlled gaming, is a technology currently being used in some Asian countries that lets people control a game with their mind. What makes it different from normal brain-to-computer interfaces is that users get haptic feedback as well; for example, if you move your hand in a virtual world, your MBC headset will put pressure on your hand to simulate moving through an obstacle. So far it only works with first-person action games like Madden Football or Call of Duty—and uses only two of three contact points at most—but progress seems inevitable. It won’t be long before we can play any type of game without touching anything, and then there will be no need to ever leave our homes. There are already rumors about MBC2030 releasing full body VR by 2027, which would make leaving your home completely unnecessary (aside from bathroom breaks). In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they release VR headsets within 5 years that let us experience almost anything we want without leaving our homes. A decade later we might even be able to go back in time using VR headsets! By 2045 I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone has become so addicted to these technologies that they never leave their homes again.

Personal Computers

With over five billion humans on Earth, there is simply not enough space for everyone to have a personal computer. Enter MBC2030, which allows you to interact with games like never before – because it interacts with your brain! We use special nodes which record your neural activity, allowing you to play games using pure thought power. Technology will never cease to amaze us. And speaking of technology… enter an old friend that has revolutionized computing since its conception in 1980: 1984 called… they want their GUI back. It’s time we embraced our roots again, without giving up all that glitters in 2014; it’s time for retrogaming to take off once more!

Music Production Software

There’s a reason MBC2030 is considered by many to be one of the greatest entertainers in history. Yes, it’s his voice. But that voice wouldn’t be as powerful if he didn’t have great production software at his disposal. He knows how to pick out songs and samples that move people—and with today’s technology, it can take years for an artist to craft a hit song. It’s not just MBC2030 anymore, though; new pop stars like Lyrical Pearls are proving that writing music doesn’t necessarily need to be a solitary pursuit—it’s getting collaborative again! That’s because today’s best production software enables artists to share ideas, get feedback on tracks and grow their fan base faster than ever before.

Like some other entertainment industry titans before him (I’m looking at you Netflix), MBC2030 has built a business around providing content through his social media channels. He gives fans free access to all kinds of content while they wait for new releases from him or other performers on his label—which means that he’s really leveraging today’s best entertainment tools .

Wearing two hats isn’t uncommon in today’s entertainment industry (just ask Steven Spielberg), but MBC2030 does it particularly well.

Virtual Reality Devices

Technology has always been at work, whether we realize it or not. VR is a prime example of that. It’s an entertainment device that makes life more entertaining and enjoyable for everyone. In simpler terms, virtual reality devices help people escape from their everyday realities into another world where they can be a rock star or race car driver, fly in space or explore a new planet without stepping off their own front porch. People can watch sports in 3D, attend concerts from afar…hell, people can do anything they want – all without leaving home. VR is going to change everything about how we live our lives. What once was thought impossible will soon become normal. For those who like to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in technology, MBC2030 is your go-to source for news about all things related to VR.

Smart Watches

Samsung has created a wearable device, called Gear VR, which could be a leading technology in MBC2030. While no prices or release dates have been announced, Samsung is already taking pre-orders. Imagine being able to walk into an amusement park or sports arena and become completely immersed in whatever it is you’re watching on your Smart Watch. In fact, imagine being able to choose between four games while watching your favorite teams compete in real time. Since Samsung’s Gear VR works exclusively with Galaxy Note 4 smartphones (which start at $199), for now only a select few will have access to these spectacular features. But soon everyone will enjoy what could very well be the future of entertainment–the 21st century way!


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