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Home Business Long tail keywords – a powerful SEO strategy that you can take advantage of

Long tail keywords – a powerful SEO strategy that you can take advantage of

Long tail keywords – a powerful SEO strategy that you can take advantage of

The main concern of every blogger, marketer and online marketer is to attract more visitors to their website. It is important to do everything possible to move traffic and achieve better SEPR before acceptable white hat technologies. This is no small task. Millions of new websites appear every day, and established websites that target many short-term keywords invest a lot of time and money to maintain their success in SEPR. This puts small businesses in a difficult position, and the only way to compete with larger companies and retailers is to be left out.

Top SEO and ecommerce experts have been targeting specific or long-tail keywords for some time now, and it makes perfect sense. The idea is to use keywords/keywords that are more specific (ie target a specific group interested in the product or service you offer) and less competitive. This approach has produced positive results for many small businesses over the years.

Long tail keywords – what are they and how to use them?

Longer (3-5 words) and more specific keywords can be called long-tail keywords. It’s usually only used by a small number of websites, so it’s less common to make it easier to rank. This means that long keywords have a higher chance of getting into the top 3 in SEPR than short keywords. Better ranking leads to more traffic and more conversions and sales.

Here’s an example to better illustrate the concept: Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Now imagine that you are looking for a villa/cottage for your summer vacation in India. You first start with the general keyword “Holiday India”. The screen shows millions of web pages about different resorts in India (26, 10, 00,000 results to be exact). Suddenly you remember that you want to go to Sooty in South India, known as the queen of hill stations. You changed your search term to “vacation houses in Ortiz”. This is a long-term keyword. These terms will give you accurate results that match exactly your vacation plans (55,400 results). These long tail keywords can help reduce delays and multiply your chances of finding your dream vacation rental.

How do you find long term keywords?

The first tool that comes to mind is Google Keyword Planner, but that’s just one of many ways. There are other ways to find long-tail keywords. Here are some of the most popular methods:

Google’s “Related Searches” Section: You may have noticed the “Related Searches” section at the bottom of the Google ranking page. This part of the page is a treasure. Here are some ideas for long tail keywords. The seeds used in this section of the page are closely related.

Discussion boards, forums, and in the comments section:

 Discussion boards and forums are great places to find things people are working on. If one of these sites quickly discusses a topic or question, you can be sure that the same question or topic will also be searched for on Google.

Google Trends: Before choosing a seocottage strategy and investing thousands of dollars in campaigns, it’s good to know if the keywords you’ve chosen are trending in the South. You can check the popularity of keywords using Google Trends. This tool also provides relevant terms for your seed keywords.

is a question and answer website similar to forums, discussion boards or websites such as Yahoo! Answer. The topics covered here are very useful and many of the questions posted can easily be used as long tail keywords. Quire is a tool that all marketers should take advantage of.


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