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Home Business Kanat Sultanbekov New York – Elements Of Marketing For Construction Companies

Kanat Sultanbekov New York – Elements Of Marketing For Construction Companies

Kanat Sultanbekov New York – Elements Of Marketing For Construction Companies

Construction is a pretty straightforward industry that does not leave a lot to imagine. What people see, in most cases, is what they get. This straightforwardness has caused creative paralysis in the area of marketing. Construction does not follow the traditional marketing path. It has its own way of promoting itself. For this reason, those who are into marketing have little space to promote a construction company. 

Kanat Sultanbekov New York – Challenges In Construction Company Marketing

Kanat Sultanbekov New York is a business consultant specializing in the construction industry. While working with construction companies Kanat has experienced several challenging aspects of marketing planning. The key one is digitalization. The construction industry has always been a straightforward and old-fashioned one. The professionals are accustomed to handshake communication which does not need much elaboration or use of technology. Yet time has taken away the simplicity and now this industry is forced to adhere to a digital mode of marketing which has created many challenges because construction companies are slow to adopt technologies.

Due to its unwillingness to go digital, construction companies have been slow to join the modern marketing trends. According to Kanat, it has been the most problematic aspect of the construction industry marketing. 

To make the matter easy for the construction industry, Kanat has accumulated a long list of marketing tips. He believes that if a company follows these, it will be able to reach a large audience.

Developing A Construction Marketing Kit

The problem here is construction industry does not have many ideas about marketing. This industry has always operated on a personal level. Marketers have brought business using their personal contacts. Therefore, getting out of the personal network may seem a little difficult, but to expand and go global, one needs to step past the comfort zone. 

Kanat encourages construction businesses to develop a marketing kit, to begin with. This kit should include – a professional website, a blog, and social media pages. Most companies stop after developing their website. But the modern world needs more than a website singing praise of a company. It demands looking at the expertise and mode of work. Therefore, blogs and social media pages have become as important. Added to this, the construction industry needs to get identity branding by creating merchandizes like other companies. Nothing helps in creating a strong brand faster than merchandise. 

Using Newsletters

Some marketers may not agree, but newsletters work wonders when it comes to marketing. People need to know about new concepts, products, ideas, and new launches. Companies use newsletters to inform their customers about the latest discounts. Newsletters work because of the personal approach to the content. Marketers have the luxury of addressing the customers by their first names here. Also, they can use personal information to create a newsletter. 


No one does it alone these days. For this reason, professionals collaborate frequently. The construction industry also has the freedom of collaborating with different sectors to expand their business and network. Kanat Sultanbekov New York has knowledge of construction marketing. He encourages businesses to arrange webinars to attract vendors and partners.