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Home Tech It Is Time for You to Change Your Internet Service Provider: All the Right Ways to Cancel

It Is Time for You to Change Your Internet Service Provider: All the Right Ways to Cancel

It Is Time for You to Change Your Internet Service Provider: All the Right Ways to Cancel

Like a toxic relationship where the other partner is unwilling to let go, your internet service provider will not let you go easy. However, there are some ways to end your relationship with them on good terms. Explore this article further to grab all the basics of cutting ties with your internet service provider.

Whether you are changing areas or finding a new and better internet service provider, there are a few requirements you have to fulfill to cut complete ties with your current internet service provider. However, when you have decided to call it quits with your internet service provider is when they will give you all the attention. They might even address the complaints you had with them a long time ago. They can lure you into doubting your decision by throwing some valuable discounts at you. Here is when you have to act firm.

This guide will help you step by step to cancel your internet service right away. Further, down the line, you will find information on equipment and return policies, as well as potential cancellation fees, and other pertinent information when canceling service from your internet service provider.

All You Need to Know About Canceling Your Home Internet Service

Shop All Your Internet Options

If you are thinking of switching your internet service provider for any reason, you have to think about finding alternatives to your current internet service provider. There is no lie that the time we live in is all about surviving on the internet. After the pandemic, the importance of having a high-speed internet service has grown to an all-time high. Recognizable amounts of people are working from home in the United States. Most workers in the United States appreciate the comfort of working from home with high-speed internet service.

Therefore, whether you want to continue working from home like others or finally ditch your slow internet service provider for good, you can get a glimpse of the top available internet service providers in your area. If you are moving, then it is possible that your current service provider will not be in the new location. 

You might find new and exciting internet plans from different internet service providers in your new area with service providers. On the other hand, if your current internet service provider is in the place you are shifting to, they might offer you a cheaper and faster internet deal to ensure they are not losing a customer.

Tips to Consider When Shopping for New Internet Service

Use a Full Address Instead of a Zip Code

Internet service providers vary by location. However, it is easier to abstract all the information about potential internet service providers in the area through ZIP code. However, when you are moving to a new place, you might not have an entire understanding of where you end up yet. Therefore, if you want the exact representation of the internet options in your area, try using your complete address.

Evaluate More Than Just Plans and Prices

There are many factors to consider when signing up for a new internet service. Beyond the basics of the monthly bill, things like equipment fees, contracts, data caps, and internet connection type are essential to consider.

You might not have tried several good internet service providers yet. For instance, Cox Communications offer the best TV, internet, and phone bundles to customers across the United States. The provider offers a variety of packages that cater to different users’ needs. There are several phone and internet bundles that can help you save money on your monthly bills. The ISP also comes with an extremely responsive and knowledgeable customer service, with Cox servicio al cliente en Espanol available 24/7 for Spanish-speaking customers. 

Plan Your Cancellation

So now that you have boiled down your choices for alternative internet service and are ready to cancel your subscription with your current provider, there are a few things to consider. First, you have to determine when you want to terminate the service. You have to do some research beforehand to prepare for what comes ahead.

If you are moving, setting your cancellation date for the day you plan to shift completely or the day after is recommended. You will need your internet service while unpacking in your new home.

Have You Signed a Contract?

If you have signed a contract with your provider, you will require information regarding the cancellation fees beforehand. Some internet service providers also charge early termination fees over hundreds of dollars. In such a case, sticking with your current service provider might save you some money.

On the other hand, if your provider does not have you tied to a contract, consider yourself lucky. It is always good to be aware of these fees to review the service agreement required and ask the customer service about it. You can ask your internet service provider if you are under a contract or what the termination charges will be if you cancel the service now.

Be Mindful of the Next Billing Cycle

Some providers might charge you the next billing cycle in full even when you cancel. It would be unfortunate if you had to pay for the entire month even if you used the service for a couple of days.

Look out for buyout offers.

Some internet service providers like Verizon FiOS, Optimum, and Spectrum offer a check or billing credit to help customers cover termination fees. Therefore, if you are under contract, you should look out for contact buyout offers.

Look Out for Patch-up Requests

Suppose you switch internet service providers and your current ISP knows the business. In that case, there are chances that they will provide you with discounts to keep you hooked and distant from other companies.

Set Up Your New Device

The easy way to set up your new internet device is by getting direct with customer service. As we said above, an internet service provider like Cox offers reliable customer service, making the signing up process a breeze for everyone. Other internet service providers like Kinetic, Verizon FiOS, and AT&T run promotions that are only available if you order online.

Setting up your internet device from the new service provider is unnecessary before you cancel with your current internet service provider. However, suppose you want to get done with the switching process quickly. In that case, it is better to get your new service installed and working before you cancel the current internet service provider. You do not want to be without internet service for even a day when you move to a new place. 

Tips to Consider When Setting up a New Device 

Come Prepared

You have to realize that moving out and having a new internet service are big moves. Therefore, instead of doing everything as it comes by, you have to prepare yourself for the change coming towards you. You should have the internet plan and Wi-Fi set if you have already picked it out. Some internet service providers offer basic Wi-Fi systems. Hence, you have to grab the information on this matter before you order your internet device. Also, make sure your address and payment information is accurate and ready.


There is doubt that self-installation is cheaper than calling for professional assistance. However, you have to ensure that your new internet service provider allows you to self-install. Sometimes, it is not an option. You have to contact a customer representative to book an appointment for equipment installation.

Prepare for Far-Out Install Dates

You have to go by the book for some internet service providers, as we said above. You cannot self-install it, maybe because it is not easy or it is not an option available to you. However, calling for assistance is not easy as well. Sometimes labor shortages and supply chain issues, which are happening lately, can affect your installation dates. Do not be surprised if the installation date is unavailable in your area for a week or more.

Call to Cancel

We have finally reached the most crucial step in canceling your internet plan with your current internet service provider: calling to cancel.

Some internet service providers offer the option of canceling services online. Still, it is not as convenient as it might seem. You put effort into clicking on the right buttons to cancel your service. But, in the end, the service provider will ask you to call to cancel your service. The calling option is usually their last try to keep you as their customer.

However, suppose you are trying to contact a customer representative. In that case, you should expect to hold your phone for a bit longer. Once the company is aware of your intention, which is to cancel the service, they will look you up with a customer retention specialist. This person will make sure you rethink and doubt your decision.

However, if you are firm with your decision, the provider will eventually accept your request. Here is when you have to pay close attention. You have to make sure you understand all the information you receive. You are well aware of all the additional charges and requirements for returning the equipment

When canceling your internet service, make sure you have a pen and paper in hand. When you are on call with your ISP, you will have a lot of information. This information includes the name of the person who processed your cancellation, detail of dues and charges, the procedure to return the equipment, and a request ID or number. You have to make sure you write down all information on paper. 

Another tip is to stay polite. Yes, the company will attempt to keep your part of the customer clan, and it can be not very pleasant for you, but you have to remember that it is their job. Instead of getting annoyed, you should remember that they are humans too. So, you can stick to your decision and make sure you are polite with your tone.

Time to Return Equipment

Now that the breakup with your ISP is complete, it is time to return their belongings. You must ensure that every gear returns to the ISO safely. Because unlike a long-lost sweatshirt of your ex, the internet equipment can cost you hundreds of dollars.

What Have We Learned So Far?

Parting ways with your lover can be easier than with your current internet service provider. You have to go through a set of rules with the provider to come out of this toxic relationship. You have to make sure you return all the equipment, pay additional fees, and are not fooled by reconciliation attempts. Make sure you stay firm on your decision and be polite with your tone when canceling. 


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