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How Will Mobile Technology Help Improve Writing Skills?

How Will Mobile Technology Help Improve Writing Skills?

Our forefathers employed writing, which is among the earliest forms of expression that have ever existed. It is generally accepted that writing, as opposed to speech, which is ephemeral, is more reliable, definite, and permanent because it may be viewed and used as proof in the future.

It is accurate to say that the use of writing as a source of conversion dates back to the Stone Age because scholars have discovered traces of written communication from very mediaeval times when people used symbols and pictures to convey their perceptions and views to others. In the early times, when there were no words, the ancient, cave people used images and symbols to communicate their thoughts and feelings. (Olson, 2020)

Writing on the ground and walls with pictures and symbols was prevalent during the prehistoric era, but as time went on and modernization began to take hold in all spheres of life, communication methods also altered. Today, it has evolved into a kind of technological communication that allows individuals to communicate with one another from anywhere in the world. It is no longer restricted to writing on walls.

Communication and Technology

Since technology and communication have become an essential and irrevocable part of our lives, there are many different ways that people can communicate, such as through

  • Email
  • Letters
  • Memos
  • Text Messages

The majority of people utilise them as their primary means of communication in today’s society.

Learning and Technology

In addition to the aforementioned kinds of communication, there are other imperative situations when writing is required, and without a doubt, the most important ones are those that are academic in nature and call for students to create papers like;

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Dissertations

There is no way anyone can argue that technology is not the most significant aspect of our life, and it is now practically impossible to exist without technology.

For the benefit of the children’s learning, it has been implemented into the majority of our everyday activities, including classrooms. Whether it’s a simple desktop computer or technologies like automated tabs for the pupils’ comfort. Not only that, but technology has advanced to the point where students can now benefit from a variety of features, such as improved writing, physical ease of writing, reviewing, and editing.

All of these features enable students to revise and evaluate their own work in front of their professors, which in turn boosts their enthusiasm for their studies and helps them become proficient enough in writing techniques to start their own dissertation proposal writing services and more such business papers. (Sandolo, 2010)

How does technology aid in enhancing writing abilities?

Although it’s a common misconception that writing comes easy, the truth is that even the most seasoned writers struggle with certain aspects of the craft. They also began by requesting small amounts of assistance, such as finding higher education dissertation topics and after numerous unsuccessful tries, they mastered the art of what is known as professional writing.

Writing is a skill that requires patience, perseverance, and, most importantly, an openness to learning. Although it can take months or even years to enhance your writing, it should be remembered that this difficult process can be very quickly sped up with the help of technology.

The following are some ways that technology can help its users become better writers: (ITBriefcase, 2018)


E-books have been shown to be the most effective method for improving English, particularly for students who need to write essays and other academic work. It can be an excruciating task to carry the weight of countless textbooks all day long because students must read a lot to learn to write.

This is where technology steps in and relieves the students of the additional burden on them with eBooks, where students are able to store all of their reading materials in one convenient location, like on their phones or Kindle devices.

This enables you to improve your writing skills by reading books that help in learning new vocabulary and sentence structuring while also doing so without carrying around heavy book loads.

Applications and Websites for Writing Practise

It is crucial for everyone, regardless of profession, to always have a practice website or app on their phones available so they may utilise it for writing whenever the need arises. This goes for students, teachers, and writers alike.

Students can check that their writing is free of grammar mistakes with these websites and apps has all the fancy vocabulary; is punctuated correctly; has proper sentence structure.

All of these elements could raise a paper’s credibility, which might be the element that elevates your work to a higher grade. The beautiful thing about these platforms for writing practice is that they are frequently free, or if there are fees, they are usually quite low for the students to pay.

Plagiarism Scanner

For any writer to produce a top-notch piece of writing, plagiarism must be carefully avoided. The author must ensure that they have cited and given due credit to all necessary sources before doing it.

Piracy must be taken seriously since failure to do so might result in severe consequences for the perpetrator. An individual becomes a better writer as a result of the anxiety of not plagiarising the content since they are forced to think deeply and attempt to write as independently as possible.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep a plagiarism checker running at all times to guarantee that the writer’s work is 100 per cent unique


Every person must possess strong writing abilities because the tool is utilised practically everywhere in the world. Complex organisational decision-making, academic procedures, and even running the entire country’s administration through written communication. (ProfesionalEssayService, 2020)

They all have become the norm as a result of the legal and judicial systems, making it increasingly important for people to learn the skill using the prevailing techno



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