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How to Protect Your Possessions During Relocation?

How to Protect Your Possessions During Relocation?

Moving house can be an exciting journey if you have been looking forward to settling in the new location. However, packing your belongings can be stressful as it requires proper planning and careful execution. Minor mishaps or damage to regular household items is common during the shifting process.

However, minute damage or misplacement of your valuable items like jewellery, property papers, etc., can increase your anxiety and reduce the charm of the shifting process. Therefore, you must look after your valuables during the packaging and moving to keep them safe and secure. In addition to hiring the best packers and movers Nizampet,here are some tips you must follow to protect your valuables.

  1. Take Inventory of Your Items

Home shifting is a tedious task. Moreover, the packaging of items in multiple boxes adds to the confusion of homeowners. This is the primary reason for the misplacement of valuable items.

To avoid this situation, you must consider making a list of the items that are crucial to you and taking pictures to keep them as proof of ownership. In case these items are lost or broken, these pictures can act as proof of getting insurance.

In addition, for easy unpacking purposes, make a sheet of the bor number and the items placed in them. When you arrive at your destination, this sheet can be a lifesaver for a quick arrangement of the house.

  • Make Use of Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes of banks are one of the best ways to protect your essential valuables during the shifting process. If you don’t need these items immediately, lock them in the safety boxes. Once you settle in the new home, you can conveniently take these valuables from your bank. However, you must avoid keeping identity cards because you may need them urgently during the moving process.

  • Take Help of Relative and Friends

If you have reliable and trustworthy relatives or friends who agree to keep your important items till you settle at your new place, take their assistance. However, make sure they use a secure place for storage purposes because theft can happen at their home as well. If you feel they lack security aspects, consider other options.

Use Different Hiding Places

Theft can happen anywhere, and shifting your items makes them prone to convenient stealing. Therefore, you must use a smart strategy to keep your valuables safe. Some options include:

  • Placing them deep into a box or suitcase.
  • Marking the box with misleading tags like utensil boxes, personal care items, etc.
  • Pack the Security Items in the End

During the packaging process, all your important items remain scattered in the house. This may attract uninvited guests to your house. Therefore, to avoid theft, you must keep your security system operating till the last day of leaving your house. Security alarms and camera footage can ensure a greater level of safety for your valuables. Moreover, this step will also reduce your stress to some extent.

  • Filling out Moving Company Declaration Form

Most moving service providers provide a declaration form for their customers. Filling up these forms gives proper information about the specific items that require extreme care during the shifting process. Accordingly, your packers and movers will take the necessary steps to maintain the security of your valuables.

  • Use High-Quality Packaging Materials

Packaging supplies play a vital role in keeping your valuables protected. Therefore, you must use hard boxes, protective bubble wraps or paper shavings, and adhesive tapes to prevent falling or breakage of fragile items. You can also hire the best mover company in your locality, which is known to use the best quality packaging materials and professional expertise for packing items with care.

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  • Keep Valuable with Yourself

Keeping your valuable items with you during the moving process is another safe option. Keep all the crucial papers, electronic gadgets, jewellery, and medical papers in a safe suitcase with a sturdy lock.


All the points mentioned here are crucial for maintaining the privacy of your valuable possessions. However, to increase your safety during the moving and new home setting process, it is crucial to avoid making social media updates. Placing the items in the proper place and setting up the house security system takes time and effort. Therefore, to prevent the chances of theft, you must keep a distance from social media because you never know who might be keeping an eye to take advantage of your vulnerability. 


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