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Fuchs Sports Stops Feet Feature and Streams Free Matches

Fuchs Sports Stops Feet Feature and Streams Free Matches

The first RFEF has experienced the most significant crisis in its recent history in the past 24 hours. Last summer, between the former Second B and professional football, the main source of income, the exploitation of television rights, stuck on the resentment of fans of teams competing in the third level of professional football. American football.

The Footers platform, which broadcasts 40 club matches a week (39 after Extremadura’s disqualification), announced on Monday evening that it did not intend to hand over the clashes between Castillo-Albacete and Racing Ferrol-Ray Majadahonda by a unilateral decision. Small departments in France. The categories consulted confirm that the problem between the two companies was the non-payment of Footers to Fuchs Sports. Several notifications from Luxembourg were received before a final suspension decision was taken.

Legal actions

“We will take appropriate legal action and do our best to ensure continuity of the first RFEF broadcasts,” Footers said in a statement, also the second broadcast of the RFEF 스포츠중계.

However, Fuchs Sports announced a few hours ago

 Later, his decision to break up with Footers will allow all remaining games of the season to be aired, excluding those that will be played next Wednesday. The Luxembourg-based company broadcasts matches via its online platform, which already regularly offers French league matches, and also offers a “free” guarantee until the end of this season. So fans of the first RFEF teams are getting good news, but what will happen to Footters subscribers is still to be decided. The Spanish OTT has offered seasonal subscriptions at a price of € 70 per year and monthly packages of € 9. Another unknown is certain in the medium and long term, as Fuchs Sports has won the competition rights. For three seasons, a total of around € 25 million, and the current one is only the first.

Crisis this Wednesday afternoon

A meeting will be held with the clubs at REF headquarters to examine the situation and make decisions regarding the exercise of Ref’s first audiovisual rights.


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