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Featured images Seo Optimization

Featured images Seo Optimization
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You must have probably understood that which photo I am talking about, I am talking about Featured images of WordPress or blogger.

Image in a post works equal to your 1000 words and proves to be very helpful in getting your post ranking in google.

If you learn SEO Optimization of any image in your post, then your post will not only rank, it will also bring traffic by filling your post.

With this, let’s find out more things from which you can prepare a good, attractive post, then read this post carefully.

What is Featured Images –

If you read any post, then you see a photo there, from which you can guess what you have written in that post and what that post is about, looking at that photo.  

Benefits of Featured Images and Featured Images Seo Optimization Hindi –

1. If you put images in your blog post, then your post attracts a user and by which the reader will read the rest of your post after seeing those images.

2 . If you use featured images, then your post ranks quickly in Google.

3. If you prepare a copyright free images by yourself, then you will be able to avoid many errors of Google and you can get your articles ranked well.

4. Images enhance the beauty of a post or articles.

5. By using featured images, you will have good on page seo, which will give you a good advantage in the ranking factor.

6. If the images are seo, then the speed of your website increases, so that the user does not take much time to reach your website.

What should be the size of the featured images –

Whenever you are using images on your post, then it is very important for you to take care of its size.

Secondly, if you are making the size of the image according to you, then keep in mind that it should be according to your articles. Neither too small nor too hot nor too big, so you have to stick to the best size.

The size of the featured images should be kept at 620*320. I keep the size of my featured images the same. This size is perfect for a post which is neither small nor big and is well visible to the user so that there is no problem of zooming in.

If any user is viewing your images by zooming, then Google will give you 2 errors in this case which will reduce the speed of your website and the ranking of the post.   

1 . Content Wider than Viewable Limits .

2 . Content Too Small to Read .

Compress before applying Images –

Whenever you are using any images in your articles, before that you must compress it, so that you slow down the speed of the website and blog.

How to do –

Whenever you prepare an image, before that you should take the help of Compress JPEG. You don’t have to do much, just you have to search on google Compress JPEG |

As soon as you search, a website will open in front of you, which will come by Compress JPEG Images Online, click on it and you can compress your images in 4 ways.

1 . JEPG ( joint Photographic Experts Group )

2 . PNG ( Portable Network Graphics )

3 . GIF ( Graphics Interchange Format )

4. PDF   You can compress your images in these four, when you apply the compressed images in your articles.

Use copyright free images

Whenever you use photos in your blog, keep in mind that they are not copied images from any blog or website, otherwise Google will give you a copyright error.

Along with this the ranking of your blog post will also go down. If you want to work on the blog for a long time and earn money, then you have to stop copying.

If you can create copyright free images by yourself or you can prepare photos for a blog post by taking the support of many websites.

In today’s time there are many websites for copyright free images, with whose support you can prepare photos. like –

  • Pixabay
  • UnsPlash
  • Undraw
  • Tiny PNG &Tiny JPG
  • GIMP
  • Adobe Photoshop

 Like there is a website that gives you copyright free images, then you can prepare a photo by taking their help.

Make Featured Images Unique –

Whenever you use a unique photo in your blog post, then the user will be attractive to read your post, which will increase the ranking of your post and blog.

If your photo is unique, then understand that the user will read your post completely and spend time on your blog, otherwise the user does not see any unique in your photo, then he will return from the same retrun. No interest in reading your other posts. That’s why you always use a unique photo.

You can also use many copyright free tools to make your photo unique such as –

  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • Pixabay

Featured images Seo Optimization Hindi करे –

Whenever you use featured images on a post, you leave many things incomplete, due to which the speed and ranking of your post goes down. Whenever you will be uploading the photo, there are 4-5 things in it which you do not complete.

Know what are the things that you need to take care of –

  • Title –

 Whenever you upload images on your post, putting many blogger titles is considered a waste of work, but it has a very wrong effect on your seo.

Keep in mind that you must enter the title of the images so that it is easy for Google to understand the images regarding what these images are.

  • Alt Text –

 Alt text has a very important role in the seo of images, if you do not put alt text of any images, then the part of your seo will not be complete and the seo of your post will not be good.

Alt text tells Google that these images in the post have been created for this and the user also gets to know by writing alt text what these images are trying to tell in this post, so you should always pay attention to this. Keep in mind that whenever you upload a post, enter its alt text carefully.

  • Write the description of the image –

Many new bloggers make the same mistake that whenever they upload images, they do not consider it so important to write their description. But let me tell you that if you write the description of any images, then google comes to know on which topic these images have been made and what the blogger is trying to tell in this post.

If you do not have a description in any of the images, then Google will take some time to understand your post and Google will not be able to understand your articles. Therefore, if you always give good work to Google, then it will get your blog post ranked well.

  • Save Image File Name well –

Whenever you save images in your files, many people save any name there, which does not have any relation with images.

But the thing to keep in mind is that whenever you upload an image to your post, the file name that you have saved becomes the url of the same images.

Example – Suppose you have prepared a post whose title is ” Faetured images seo optimization Hindi | But while saving that image in your files, you have named it seo optimization, then the URL of that image will also be seo optimization which is absolutely wrong.

So keep in mind that whenever you save images, keep the same name as your title or keep it according to it so that your images seo can be good. If your seo of images is good, then you will get good benefit in the ranking of your post.

Use Image Sitemap –

The sitemap of the image comes in an advance seo. Sitemap is such a map that helps google a lot in crawling all the important pages of our website or blog, which contributes to Google indexing the page and URL of our website.

In the same way, the sitemap of the image will help you to crawl all the photos you have and get proper ranking.

If you do not know how a sitemap of images is prepared, then there are many free tools on the internet that you can use to create images sitemap and it helps a lot in ranking your articles.

Best Plugin for Featured images Seo Optimization  Hindi  –

If you want that I can shrink or compress the image in my wordpress site through a plugin, then what I am telling the plugin for you is the very best plugin for compressing the image –

  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • WP Smush Image Compression
  • ShortPixel image Optimizer
  • SEO image Optimizer
  • Compress JPEG &PNG images
  • Web Converter for Media – Convert Web & optimize images .

Apart from these, there are many plugins that you can use to compress your image. All these plugins keep the quality of your image the same, compressing is not going to affect the quality of your image, so you can use these plugins in your website. 

Opinion – 

Friends, in today’s article, we have taught about Featured Images Seo Optimization Hindi. Now hope from you that you will now be able to do good work in your website and blog. Share if you liked the post. 


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