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Different Positions Of Mole In Palm: Hidden Secrets

Different Positions Of Mole In Palm: Hidden Secrets

This blog from Birthastro contains information on the significance of various moles on your palm. Learn what the presence of moles in your palm signifies and whether they can have positive or negative effects on your life. Go through the article to know more!

Mole is a significant part of palmistry. It is possible to learn a lot regarding the destiny of a person by the location of the mole on the palm. In some areas of the palm, these moles can bring good luck however in other locations the natives receive negative outcomes from the moles. In this article, we’ll reveal which mole in what position on the palm will give you positive or negative results.

Mole on the Palm

If there’s a mole on the mount in your palm

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is thought of as a patron saint being respected in society. On the palm, it is believed that the mount for the Sun is situated under the finger with the ring. A mole in this area is not considered to be auspicious as said by famous online astrologer Deepak Chopra. The individuals whose mole appears situated on the Mount of the Sun must face ridicule within the society and are not treated with the respect they deserve.

If there is a mole on the mount of Saturn  

Saturn (also known as Shani is believed to be an evil planet in the world that is Vedic Astrology. Saturn is also known as”the god of justice” since Saturn is the god of fruit according to the actions of people. The Mount of Saturn is located in one’s middle finger. The presence of a mole on Mount of Saturn is not considered to be good. The people who have an oblique on the mount of Saturn on their palms must face challenges in their pursuit of any task. The pursuits are undertaken by them also end up being destroyed.

If there is a mole on the mount of the Moon  

Moon is thought to be the determining factor for the mind within the horoscopes of all people. In addition, it is believed that the Moon is also believed to be the Lord over all the liquids in the globe. The Mount on the moon in your palm. Moon within the palms is located just in front of the end of Mastishk Rekha. If someone has an encrusted mole on the mount of the Moon on his palm the wedding of the person is delayed for a lengthy period. These people are susceptible to water-related illnesses too.

If there’s a mole on the mount of Venus

Venus is believed as the symbol of the world, pleasures in life, and love. Venus is the Mount of Venus is present on the thumb of the palm. It is believed to be beneficial to have a mole located at this spot. These people are not short of money. However, these people enjoy spending a lot of money, because of which they experience changes and fluctuations in their financial lives.

If there’s a mole located in the central palm

If there is a mole in the palm middle of a person that is completely covered when the fist shut, then the mole is believed to be very lucky. There is a belief that these people are financially strong, yet they have a lot of luck. They can achieve great things in their lives, even though they have lesser effort.

If there’s a mole  on the headline

It is regarded as the headline of the three main lines on the hand. If someone has an injury to the headline, that person is susceptible to injury throughout their life. In addition, these individuals are often surrounded by anxiety. In addition, they also have disagreements with their families.

If there’s a mole on the heart line

The highest of the top three main lines on the palm is referred to as the “heart line. The presence of a mole along the center line isn’t thought to be an indication of prosperity. People with heart moles are more likely to suffer heart-related ailments throughout their lives. The possibility of a heart attack is present in the lives of these people. If you have any other queries that are related to your zodiac signs you can consult any best astrologer online.


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