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Jim Caruso’s Broadway and Bird land series brought singer/songwriter Patrick DeGeneres to perform on January 19th. Playing two top shows at the venue, De Gunnar won legions of fans—and a MAC Award for Outstanding Male Vocalist—with his first set, The Bacharach Songbook, and his own work was nominated for 2008 MAC Song of the Year. Born in the Bronx and raised on Long Island, DeGeneres is proud to be compared to the insular Billy Joel, but that’s just the beginning of a style trail he hopes to blaze.

Are you happy to be back at Bird land?

Patrick DeGeneres: That’s me. I really love this place. And it’s my third time there, so it was really nice. It’s a beautiful space that’s very comfortable for my audience, unlike some rock clubs that might not be as elegant or sophisticated as Bird land.

What is your approach to cabaret?

DiGennaro: I always feel like you can do whatever you want with the rooms. The typical – and I don’t mean that in a bad way – American songbook is what you see most of the time, but there are original writers and people who write their own material, and the material I write is top 40, pop-rock and doesn’t look like anybody. trouble My show is definitely in that corner, but Broadway is also more popular, so even under the “Broadway and Bird land” banner, it’s not that far away – I don’t think.

Location aside,

 the Broadway and Bird land format is as good as the one-of-a-kind Jim Caruso .DeGeneres: Overall, when I decided to do the Burt Bacharach show, it was probably the most commercial show I’ve done, but it was also a very stylish take on Bacharach material, but Bird and is the space you’ve been waiting for. co. , and I was thrilled when Jim welcomed me to the series.

Who are the songwriters and singers that have influenced you?

DiGennaro: Billy Joel has influenced my singing and writing. I love Maroon 5, Rob Thomas, I’ve always loved Simon & Garfunkel and I’m a big Beatles fan.

Were you a natural spectator as a child?

DeGeneres: That’s me. I was speechless. I started playing the piano at the age of 7 and degennaroladen300 started singing right away. Neighbors met my mom at the grocery store and said they could hear me on the street. This is really all I want to do.

Do you like a good song in New York?

DeGeneres: I know. The first act, called Just in New York, featured a lot of famous New York songwriters: George Gershwin, Billy Joel…and I did songs by friends of mine, like Ann Hampton Callaway, whose music I really like. My first CD was called “In New York Only” and I did songs from all my big writers in New York: Keith none of my music. But still and a few hours ago I started posting my music there.

What do you think makes a good song?

DeGeneres: It’s funny, people have been interviewed about it and I know a lot of top musicians despise ’40s pop, but it’s hard to write a good pop song. I think it should be simplicity; it doesn’t want to be very difficult. You want it to last, you want it to stay with you, but you also want it to have some immediate meaning. The emotional content isn’t relevant yet, which is why I don’t  풀싸롱 the Great American Songbook. I really don’t care. Question Do you spend time writing or do writing comes naturally?


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