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Cotton Filled Bed Pillows for a Good Night’s Sleep!

Cotton Filled Bed Pillows for a Good Night’s Sleep!

Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Do you wake up with your neck and shoulders stiff and aching? Stop tossing and turning all night long – get the quality sleep you need and deserve with 100% cotton filled bed pillows!

1) Why Cotton?

Cotton bed pillows are hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and durable. They also provide great support for your head and neck. Cotton pillow protectors help keep your pillows clean by keeping them free of dust and other allergens. Plus, cotton pillow protectors are machine washable which makes it easy to maintain a fresh, clean sleeping environment.

2) The Different Types of Cotton

The cotton pillow protector is a protective barrier for your pillow that helps keep it clean. It can also be used to protect against dust mites and bed bugs. Cotton is a hypoallergenic material and will help you sleep better as it breathes more than synthetic materials like polyester or polyester-cotton blends. There are many different types of cotton pillow protectors to choose from, including

3) How to Choose a Cotton Filled Pillow

Cotton pillows are a great choice for allergy sufferers, as they are hypoallergenic. Cotton pillow protectors also provide a more comfortable sleeping experience. One of the downsides to cotton filled pillows is that they get lumpy after a few months due to the filling shifting inside. This can be fixed by shaking the pillow and fluffing it out with your hands.

4) Our Top Picks

Your cotton pillow protector will last longer if you wash it regularly. If you have a machine, just put the pillow protector in with your regular laundry and it will be clean when your load is done. If you hand wash, use cold water and mild detergent so that the fabric doesn’t get stretched out of shape or shrink. Dry flat or hang up to dry if the pillow protector has been washed in a machine.

5) Tips for Care and Maintenance

It is important to care for your cotton pillow protector just like you would a comforter or bedspread. Use only mild soap and water to launder the cotton pillow protector, and do not use chlorine bleach as it will damage the filling. The best way to dry your cotton pillow protector is on a clothesline or in the sun, but if you are pressed for time and need it dry quickly, set your dryer on low heat with no tumbling so that the filling doesn’t shrink. Make sure there is air circulation when drying so that mold doesn’t grow. This can be done by turning the pillows periodically while they are in the dryer.


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