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Boron Nitride Rod

Boron Nitride Rod

Boron nitride cores are manufactured from hexagonal BN ceramics. At heegermaterials we manufacture various complex ceramic parts from precision mechanical ceramics, including boron nitride. We usually choose the form known as hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN). Hexagonal BN is a composite material of boron and nitrogen that is thermally and chemically resistant. Along with graphite, it is the strongest crystalline form of boron nitride. As its composition is identical to that of graphite, it is even called “white graphite” because of its white color. In addition, the hardness of hexagonal BN is similar to that of graphite, making it easy to shape bars, with only one small consideration: machining must be done dry, without coolant. In addition, visible dust may be generated during machining, so a face mask and safety goggles should be worn.

Boron nitride ceramic rods are chemical and have relatively good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and microwave transparency. Boron nitride rod can also be processed quickly. In addition, glass, salts and other liquid metals do not get wet. This means that none of these compounds can get wet and they are much more resistant to chemical attack.

Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) cores are highly temperature resistant and operate in open air up to 900 degrees Celsius, in a vacuum at 1900 degrees Celsius and in an inert environment at 2000 degrees Celsius. BN cores are self-lubricating and do not need gas or water molecules to bind in their layers. Therefore, boron nitride (BN) can function perfectly in vacuum, which is important for aerospace applications.


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