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9 reasons to hire an office cleaning service

9 reasons to hire an office cleaning service
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Did you know that every year thousands of working hours are lost in offices around the world just because the office is not clean? It may sound crazy, but the office environment is not as clean as you think. Yes, the floor can be swept or cleaned and the trash removed, but that does not mean a completely healthy and clean office. In fact, many people (71 percent, according to a University of Arizona study) believe that their poor work environment has caused illness or infection in the past.

This is a problem that goes beyond the spread of bacteria in the office environment, but is because many offices don’t really care about deep cleaning like an office cleaning company. Another UK-based Durable study found that 82 percent of office workers believe they are healthier and work harder in a clean environment. And the truth is, there is enough science to support this hypothesis. Consider the statistical state of this office.

Typically, your desk has 445 times more bacteria than the toilet bowl

  • Proper desk disinfection can kill 99.9% of bacteria
  • 60% of office illnesses are caused by dirty office floors
  • The average office worker has about 10 million bacteria on his desk.

62% of Americans eat lunch at their desk, but only 20% of those who eat at the table clean their desks before eating. There are more than 20,000 bacteria per square inch living on your keyboard, computer mouse and office chair.

Diseases can spread in different ways. 25% of freshwater leaves are considered a high risk for the spread of various diseases. Office telephones contain up to 25,000 bacteria per square inch. The air quality in a closed office building can be 500% worse than the air quality outside.

Without daily cleaning, the number of bacteria

 on the surface of the office increases by 30% per day. For a business to be truly effective and efficient, you need people who are there to do the work. If you hire an office cleaner to not only streamline your business, but also do a good kontorrengøring job, you might be surprised at how well your office runs. People get sick, of course, but almost rarely – and that’s in everyone’s interest.

Companies that want a clean and healthy workplace always have ways to improve. Talk to office managers and departments to hear about improvement measures. Probably calling in professional cleaners is one of those steps! Many websites offer more information about office cleaning companies.


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