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3 Ways to Colorize Your Video for a Professional Look

3 Ways to Colorize Your Video for a Professional Look

Colorize video has been used in films since the beginning of cinema, so it’s safe to say that colorizing isn’t exactly new. However, now you can colorize your own videos at home using a few different methods depending on your computer’s software and your personal preferences. If you have an old black and white movie, school play or wedding video that you want to add colorize video online free, here are three ways to do it in just minutes.

1) Use a Solid Color Backdrop

A solid color backdrop will produce the most professional results. This is because it makes it easier for people to focus on your video and not be distracted by distracting colors or patterns. There are two ways you can achieve this look: You can use a green screen and edit the video in post-production, or you can get creative with paint. The easiest option is probably using a green screen, so let’s take a look at that first…

1) With your camera set up, you need to find an area of your home that has an evenly lit background. If there are any windows nearby, make sure they’re covered up so that any stray light doesn’t affect the color of the background.

2) Use an Automated Video Editing Software

One way to colorize your video is by using automated video editing software. The two main programs that offer this feature are Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. There are plenty of other options as well, such as Mojave and Pinnacle Studio, but these are the most commonly used. To colorize your video with these programs, you’ll have to import the black-and-white footage into the timeline and add color overlays. For example, if you’re trying to give your footage an old Hollywood feel, you can create a new layer in the timeline with black-and-white footage and then add another layer underneath it with faded yellow or brown effects.

3) Manually Edit Your Videos

Colorizing your video is an easy way to make it look professional. We’ve put together a few ways you can colorize your videos, both online and on your phone, so you can add some color without the expensive costs of hiring professionals or buying expensive equipment.

1) YouTube – There are lots of YouTube tutorials that will show you how to colorize video  your video using their editing software. 2) Femora – This is another great option that has been used by many popular YouTube’s who want their videos to look as high-quality as possible. 3) Camera+ – This app is available for is and lets you easily edit photos with filters, frames, and more!


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