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2019-nCoV Antibody Testing Reagent from Wondfo


Disease diagnosis and treatment both considerably benefit from diagnosis. Wondfo, a POCT company, creates a brand-new POCT reagent that can be used to detect the presence of 2019-nCoV. The novel coronavirus antigen self-test assesses COVID-19.

Wondfo 2019-nCoV Antibody Test

Both community members and those watching the quarantine are eligible to use the novel coronavirus antigen self-test. A few people who should do antigen self-examinations while being coordinated and monitored by relevant management departments include home isolation, close contacts, sub-close contacts, entry quarantine observation, closed control areas, and individuals in control areas.

The official release of Wondfo’s COVID-19 self-test products was authorized by the State Food and Drug Administration on March 12, 2022, in a notice.

Advantages of Wondfo 2019-nCoV Antibody Test

Wondfo’s innovative in vitro diagnostic reagent is a useful tool for the quicker and more accurate self-detection of COVID-19 antibodies. The main advantages of the Wondfo reagent are speed and precision.

Additionally, using Wondfo reagents is not too difficult. It is easy to use and offers results in 15 minutes for the diagnosis of COVID-19, a coronavirus disease. Antigens for influenza and 2019-nCoV can be found using it.


The most complex and accurate test ever developed, according to Wondfo, features a new POCT reagent. The goal of this reagent is to facilitate 2019-nCoV self-detection. If you seek a precise diagnosis, our new Wondfo diagnosis reagent like Chemiluminescence Immunoassay analyzer may be exactly what you need.


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