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Home Game 2013 World Series Preview: Red Cardinals in a classic matchup

2013 World Series Preview: Red Cardinals in a classic matchup

2013 World Series Preview: Red Cardinals in a classic matchup

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to take a look at the annual Fall Classic, better known as the World Baseball Series. This year’s series features two historic Major League Baseball teams, both of which have won multiple titles over the past decade. Bringing experience and excellence to the big championships could make this a world championship for all ages!

The St. St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox finished the season with the best record at 97-65. Something similar was originally expected from the Cardinals. They are one of the most exciting baseball teams in recent years. In the 2011 World Series, the Cardinals won an incredible Game 6 in which they faced the last pitch several times but managed to complete it each time. They would win the series in Game 7. Last season, the Cardinals were down 6-0 in the final Game 5 of the NLDS and staged an impressive rally to win the game in the 9th inning. They reached the NLCS where they lost to the San Francisco Giants, but the Cardinals proved to be the toughest team to beat. Heroes like save the day time after time!

But the Boston Red Sox also have a great comeback story.

 Who can forget the 2004 ALCS against the New York Yankees when they overcame a 3-0 deficit to defeat their thrilling rival in seven games? He celebrated St. Louis. Louis and won their first title since 1918, when Babe Ruth was still a pitcher.

The Red Sox followed that up with another championship in 2007. And while we’re years away from what we did, many current players lived that 2007 season; Stone Buchholz, John Lester, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedro and Jacoby Elsberry. The Red Sox may have been disappointing in recent years, missing the playoffs, treating older veterans even scandalously when their pitchers drink beer in the dugout on vacation, but here is most of that life-giving drive and desire on one floor. Related to and red socks. The Great Sinner shook violently again and the claws reappeared!

While both teams had great years, both faced challenges

 in their divisions from day one. The surprise Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates made life difficult for the Cardinals, and the Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays and even the lowly Yankees pushed the Red Sox to the finish line. But both clubs overcame their difficulties and came out on top, earning their success with absolutely brilliant wins and close finishes.

How can a humble writer 사설토토 a winner in these series? I think I can safely say that this could be the most entertaining and even World Cup in recent years. These groups are actually copies of each other. Both teams have big hitters who can make plays, and both teams have big arms who can dominate the lineup. Both sides have passionate fans that are definitely capable of taking their teams to new heights. Both teams are loaded with championship-winning heroes. Clearly, this is the baseball team that deserves the most for a championship. They can win the World Series with a rare error or steal. Who will open their eyes first? I expect this series to go all 7 games, but the Boston Red Sox won them all because they have home field advantage. That’s the difference I see in these groups!


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