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Top 5 Reasons Why Royale Touche Is The Best Choice For Glossy Laminates

Top 5 Reasons Why Royale Touche Is The Best Choice For Glossy Laminates
Glossy Laminates

We often confuse the myriad surface material options during our house or office renovation. Not only the type or colour palette of the surface is a problem. We are often stuck to the question: matte or gloss? When it comes to choosing the surface material. But let us tell you one thing: glossy laminate is one of the most appropriate and wisest decisions you can make for your surface material.

What are high gloss laminates?

High gloss laminate sheets are known for their shiny and smooth texture. With these laminates, your home decor can get a brighter and more energetic look. Moreover, you can use multiple surfaces, from countertops to cabinets. However, if you want to decorate a laminate with heavy-duty performance, these laminates will not disappoint you. All thanks to contemporary technology, which has made high gloss laminate sheets durable and hygienic simultaneously.

But when choosing a particular vendor for high gloss laminates, Royale Touche has non-negotiable quality laminate sheets with a wide variety of laminate designs.

How does Royale Touche help you?

Royale Touche is serving its customers with utmost loyalty and reliability. The laminate sheets we provide are made of specialised paper coated with Aluminium oxide and resin mixture for better durability and protection. The laminates are made up of sanding and adhesive components to provide longevity to the product. The specially crafted papers provide a balance of strength and stability.

Royale Touche updates its laminate catalogues for every product, and high gloss laminates are no exception. Therefore we will give you the top 5 reasons for choosing glossy laminates only from Royale Touche.

Reasons To Choose Royale Touche’s High Gloss Laminates

Initially, high gloss decorative laminates could not be used widely, but with passing time, these laminate sheets have evolved with the help of modern technology. With a plethora of laminate designs, these laminate sheets can do wonders to your interior.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

What’s better than a decorative laminate that you can maintain and install yourself? Yes, Royale Touche decorative laminates do not need high maintenance for their sleek and shiny appearance.

If you are fond of carpentry, you can simply install Royale Touche laminate sheets in your entire kitchen or living space, making some customised laminate designs. The laminate sheets are effortless to install and do not require any kind of special skill sets or tools. Hence, you can save a lot of costs while transforming your home into a stunning space.


Royale Touche also takes care of your budget. Therefore, we do not believe every good-looking product needs to be costly. Keeping everyone’s capability in mind, we have a wide range of collections containing laminate sheets of different price rates. So you can choose your favourite design from the laminate catalogue of Royale Touche without worrying about your pocket.


Whether textured laminates or coloured ones, we emphasise heavy-duty performance and durability over every secondary aspect. With advanced technology and controlled conditioning, decorative laminates can easily prevent damage caused by cracking and fracturing.

Royale Touche has secured its antibacterial properties as high gloss decorative laminates are predominantly used on kitchen surfaces. So these laminate sheets would not be affected by humidity and moisture exposure.

Apart from hygiene properties, laminate sheets are heat and water-resistant. So wherever you want to place these decorative laminates, you will not have to worry about their lifespan.

Alluring aesthetic appeal

Royale Touche laminates can offer you many aesthetics with different laminate designs. Our in-house designers are always working on the up-gradation of styling and designing of laminate sheets. As a result, Royale Touche laminate catalogue has an unlimited choice of designs in any kind of textured laminates.

Multiple Application

High gloss laminates can be widely used for their bold and glossy finish. These laminates can reflect light and make a small space look larger. Therefore, if you want to make your smaller living area wider, you can use the product.

On the other hand, due to its heavy-duty performance and antibacterial features, it can be used in kitchen areas. Whether in cabinets are countertops, these glossy laminates can give your kitchen a uniform look.

Wrap up

If you are looking for laminate sheets to level up your home decor, Royale Touche’s high gloss laminate is the best choice. Our laminate sheets meet all the top not industrial standards with promising value, which would not let your investment waste in upcoming years. If you like to know more about our products, please reach out at our WhatsApp number, or you can write us to our email ID.


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